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Inspection and blocking unit for Rx lenses

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The Inspection and Blocking Unit for Prescription Lenses is for use in laboratories that edge and mount lenses into frames.  This machine inspects the optical and dimensional characteristics and
measures progressive, multifocal, and single vision lenses. The progressive lenses can then be oriented and blocked according to the ink marks or according to the semi-visible marks on the lens.  Its simplicity, autonomy, and its throughput of 250 lenses per hour make this an invaluable addition to your process.


  • Inverted right/left lens identification and lens reloading into the correct job-tray location
  • High capacity
  • Contour measurement
  • Polarization axis alignement check
  • Gradient-tinted lens axis alignement check
  • Production reports*
  • Statistics of rejected lenses*
  • Connection with the main-frame computer
  • Remote maintenance
  • Customized tolerance tables
  • Compatible with different job-trays and blocks
  • Data exchange by VCS/OMA protocol but customized protocol on request
  • PPOS (automatic positioning system)

(* Required for ISO 9000 certification)

Technical information

Range :

  • Diameter : 50 to 80 mm
  • Maximum power for positive axis : +14.00D
  • Minimum power for negative axis : -12.00D
  • Cylinder : 0 to +4.00D
  • Max. prism value at measurement point : 10 cm/m

Accuracy :

  • Diameter : 0.2 mm
  • Sphere and cylinder : 
    • 0.02D to 6.00D
    • 0.03D to 12.00D
  • Prism : 0.02cm/m + 1%
  • Finishing block position : 0.2 mm along with X and Y directions

Capacity :

  • Maximum 14 seconds per lens if no polarization axis check

Options :

  • Thickness measurement (contact)
  • Film applicator for the blocking of super Hydrophobic lenses conVex side
  • Pad printing of the 180° axis
  • Second bowl feeder
  • Protection film applicator concave side
  • Laminar flow box
  • 5-fingers grippers + vibrating platform for lens centration
  • Stacker / Destacker


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