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Verpackungsautomat für Rezeptgläser

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The Packaging Unit for Prescription Lenses is designed for use in mid to large volume prescription laboratories. After scanning the job ticket, the lenses are unloaded from the job tray, and an envelope type is chosen from the magazine of thirteen different envelopes, the lens is inserted in the envelope, and a label is printed and applied to the flap of the envelope which seals the envelope shut. The packaged lens is then loaded into its original job tray.
The 600 lenses per hour capacity and the completely automatic cycle which avoids any mispackaging, coupled with the over 50 machines installed worldwide are proof of the value of this machine. This machine is best utilized after the Automatic Control and Inking Unit.


  • Complete automatic packaging (except : filling up of envelope magazines)
  • Correspondence lens <=> envelope*
  • Many printing options
  • Automatic choice of envelope
  • Connection with the mainframe computer
  • Large packaging capacity
  • Customized software
  • Remote maintenance

(* Required for ISO 9000 certification)

Technical information

Range :

  • Diameter : 50 to 80 mm
  • Sphere : -12.00D to +10.00D
  • Cylinder : 0 to +6.00D
  • Prism : 5cm/m
  • Choice of envelope : 13 envelope magazines with possibility of 2 sizes

Capacity :

  • 300 jobs/hour

Options :

  • Additional separate envelope magazines
  • Dispatch packaging unit


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