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Contactless Curve Measurement Unit for SV SF lenses

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The contactless curve measurement unit for single vision semifinished lenses is the perfect tool for the free-form laboratories.
With a capactity of more than 165 jobs/hour,  the MCSFU detects any picking, supply or data error.
It measures, accurately and contactless, the radius of the front curve of the single vision semi-finished lenses.
The measured data are directly transmitted to the LMS (Lab Management System) software so that the measured data can be taken into account for the calculation.


  • Accurate Rx lenses (real front curve power taken into account for the back side calculation)
  • Immediate detection of a bad lens
  • Improvement of the production flow (better delivery times)
  • Tool to qualify your suppliers of semi-finished lenses
  • Small footprint (L 700 x W 700 x H 1700 mm)
  • Easy to integrate in the production flow
  • Easy maintenance
  • VC DCS (OMA) compatible

Technical information


  • diameter : 65-85mm
  • convex base :  0 to -14.5D* (spherical and aspherical)
  • overall thickness  : 7 to 25 mm
  • edge thickness : 7 to 25 mm

Accuracy :

  • 0,02 D* in the range from 0D to 10D and 0.04D in the range from 10D to 14.5D (“spherical equivalent” power with 8 mm aperture)

* surface power calculated for 1.525 index

Capacity :

  • 165 jobs/hour

Options and extensions :

  • Conveyor for rejected lenses
  • Ticket printer for rejected job


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