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Prescription Version with visualization of the technical marks.

The FocovisionTM by Transmission SPV-3 is used in prescription laboratories.It is connected to your computer network, from which it receives the nominal values of the prescription lens. Its main advantages are repeatability, accuracy, easy calibration, and especially its visualization system of the semivisible marks or the upper segment line corner of the addition. This system permits an accurate positioning on the different control points without any lens marking. It performs a lens optical power measurement compliant with ISO/ANSI standards by using a light beam perpendicular to the concave lens surface (‘FOA’ - Focus On Axis configuration) at a certain wavelength (546 nm or 587 nm) and by measuring in all directions (360 degrees - "ring" method). In addition, it has a user friendly interface permitting an operator to learn how to perform the complete lens control (far view, prism reference point, near view, thickness, shape, etc.) with little training required.


Latest development :
• The NEW FOCOVISION SPV-3 software is based on Windows 10 Embedded OS.
• A new light source provides an improved ring image. Effect of local defects (dusts,...) are detected and corrected using a proprietary technology. The new light source, based on the long-life LED technology can easily be exchanged (plug and play), leading to better accuracy in lab conditions.




  • Minimal training required
  • Very high measurement speed
  • Flexibility (configurable procedures, easy to adapt, any tolerance values)
  • Ergonomic display and powerful dialog with the operator (messages, clear positioning display, real time measurement results)
  • Non subjective decision go/no go, no mistakes
  • Very good accuracy (positioning, optical power, axes), linearity, sensitivity, reliability
  • better than 0.02D on the optical power
  • 0.02 cm / m on the prismatic power
  • Maintenance free (except dust, air filter and lamp)
  • Measurement time : in practice, instantaneous for the operator (including tolerance checks)
  • Light wavelenght : bandwidth of 50 nm centered on 546 nm (USA, ... 587nm, on request)
  • Powerful Data analysis : the actual parameters of the measured lens can be transmitted back to the host computer via the FOCOVISION server.
  • This information can be stored as part of the record for the job for reference at a later date.
  • The data can also be used in a production control analysis to assist the lab management in improving the production process.
  • The FOCOVISION server can also provide a data download of the records of measured work to a secondary software analysis system if the customer prefers that method of production process control.

Technical information

Range :

  • The operating range of the instrument exceeds the normal requirements of the lab.
  • Optical power in the main axis: -20D to +20D
  • Prism power: 0 to 6 cm/m (S= -14D increasing with S)

Accuracy :

  • The FOCOVISION measures the optical lens power by transmitting a light beam, in all directions (360 degrees) through the lens, in accordance with the ANSI, ISO, customized... standards.
  • It accurately measures optical power to 0.02D and prism power to 0.02 cm/m, +1%.

Options :

  • 3 dots marking system
  • Thickness measurement device
  • Vacuum holder
  • Alignment system for polarized lenses
  • Retractable additional prism
  • Working table

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