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The ProMapper is the A&R table-top solution to provide state-of-the-art optical inspection according to the industry standards (ISO/ANSI), totally independent from the operator.  In addition, it supplies freeform surface evaluation based on the A&R Error Map technology, making sure that no surface defect is shipped to the customer. Based on the Error Map, surface quality features like the GMC (Global Mapping Criteria) are evaluated and constitute extremely relevant inspection data for process control applications (Statistical Process Control).

Main features :

  • Total inspection of lens optical and geometrical properties, including power, prism, addition, thickness, shape and polarization axis.
  • Freeform surface evaluation with Error Map and Go/NoGo.
  • Powers and Power Maps given in the standard Focus-On-Axis configuration (e-line or d-line).
  • Automatic detection of the permanent markings or multifocal segment.
  • Upload of measurement values and surface quality features like the GMC (Global Mapping Criteria) for process control applications (Statistical Process Control).
  • Off-line tool to visualize in details the Power Maps (measured, theoretical and Error Maps).


  • Newest A&R technologies in a table-top inspection device
  • Reaching the highest quality of lenses with accurate lens inspection (ISO/ANSI standard compliant)
  • Total operator independence with automatic positioning and automatic decision
  • Freeform evaluation on a large area (60mm) to make sure no surface defect is shipped
  • Extremely relevant inspection data like the Global Mapping Criteria for process control applications.
  • Contactless measurements – also suitable for non-coated lenses
  • Industrial design – not dust sensitive.
  • Super easy to use and to calibrate.
  • Automatic detection of the permanent markings or segment
  • VC-DCS compliant

Technical information

Range :

  • Any types of organic lenses: SV, PAL’s, multifocal (freeform or conventional)
  • Diameter : 44 to 80 mm
  • Maximum power for positive axis (at distance and near): +10D
  • Minimum power for negative axis : -12D
  • Cylinder : 0 to 4D
  • Max prism at PRP : 5Δ
  • Max prism at measurement point : 12 Δ
  • Max total lens height : 20mm
  • Max front surface sag : 17mm

Accuracy :

  • Diameter: 0.2mm
  • Sphere and cylinder powers: 0.03D to 6.00D, 0.04D to 12D
  • Prism: 0.03 Δ + 1%
  • Thickness: 0.03mm

Error Map :

  • Covered area: 60mm from -12D to +5D, 40mm from +5D to +10D

Throughput :

  • 50 sec. / job

Instrument size :

  • H776 x L737 x W618mm

Net weight :

  • 62 Kg – 67 Kg with Digital Inking


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