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The PPOS is our high performance positioning system. It allows an accurate and reliable positioning of progressive and multifocal lenses. Other interesting features are the positioning of gradient tinted lenses or polarized lenses, shape measurement and product identification, as well as many other custom solutions.


Our machines and instruments measure with high accuracy and repeatability, in accordance with international (or customized) standards, all relevant characteristics of your lenses, such as diameter, thickness, power, shape, color, coating and axis of polarization.

Digital Inking

Our digital Inking system offers quick, accurate and infinite printing possibilities. The system is very easy to maintain and our ink doesn’t leave any ghost images on the lenses.

We obtain excellent results, even on super-hydrophobic lenses.


The A&R DUAL LENSMAPPER is the perfect tool to achieve a very high optical quality control of your free form lenses: immediate accurate error map calculation according to the reference marks, process control, check of front curve of semi-finished lenses. The DUAL LENSMAPPER combines two optical technologies (Reflection and Transmission) for a fast, accurate and automatic measurement.


Over the years we have aquired significant experience in the engraving of lenses with CO² and Excimer Lasers. With our equipment you can engrave technical marks, product codes or commercial logos on organic or mineral lenses. We also have a 3D modul for the engraving on high curved 'Sport' lenses.


Our blocking solution for the finishing can block any kind of lenses with high accuracy. All parameters are taken into account such as the shape of the frame and the optical tolerances in order to optimize the block position before edging. Our machines are able to handle any finish block used on the market.


We have developed automatic & semi-automatic machines for the packaging of stock & RX lenses into paper envelopes for packaging into dispatch envelopes and for the packaging of semi-finished lenses into boxes. We offer many solutions for the automatic and semi-automatic packaging of finished, semi-finished and RX lenses with the main achievement of having no mispackaging.


In addition to our machines we offer a wide range of logistics equipment to improve your production flow. Our objective is to integrate the machinery in the best way to improve the delivery time of your lenses.

We are partner for :
Control, Digital Inking, Pad printing, Blocking, Engraving, Packaging, Sorting, Logistics of your lenses.


Automation & Robotics

Rue des Ormes 111
Parc industriel de Lambermont
4800 Verviers Belgium
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