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Dispatch Packaging Unit for Prescription Lenses

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The Dispatch Packaging Unit for Prescription Lenses is a large scale production machine which gathers both prescription lens envelopes (right and left), a delivery note, ID card, and cleaning clothe along with other accessories; and places them into a larger dispatch envelope. Optional is the automatic sorting between different destinations to reduce and optimize shipping times and costs, while the completely automatic packaging prevents any mispackaging. With the capacity of the machine up to 300 jobs per hour (depending on the materials loaded), the machine can be installed behind the Automatic Packaging Unit for Prescription Lenses.


  • Fully automatic machine
  • Zero mispackaging
  • Correspondance between lens envelope, delivery note, marketing materials and dispatch envelopes
  • Large printing options (different printing lay-outs)
  • Possibility to print a lens Ident-card
  • Connection with the main computer
  • Large packaging capacity
  • Pre-sorting
  • Tour selection menu
  • Counting of lenses per tour box
  • Automatic presentation of an empty tour box while the full one is taken off by the operator
  • Customized software
  • Statistics
  • Interactive dialog and diagnostics
  • Multi lingual menus
  • Remote maintenance

Technical information

Ranges :

Lenses in sealed envelopes :

  • Dimensions : 80 x 80 mm => 95 x 95 mm

Dispatch envelops with/without window :

  • Dimensions : 152 mm x 290 mm

Delivery notes :

  • DIN A4 (folded in 3) OR DIN A5 (folded in 2)

Up to 3 different types of delivery notes

Printing :

  • Printing and folding of delivey notes
  • Choice between different printing layouts
  • Printing of lens ID cards

Automatic sealing of dispatch envelope

In standard :manual sealing station

Distributor : pre-sorting into 16 or more tour boxes

Boxes : boxes for special carrier service

Capacity :

  • up to 300 jobs/hour

Options :

  • Printing and dispensing of lens Ident-Card
  • Dispensing of anti-slip film (max. 1 magazine)
  • Possibility of several dispatch envelope magazines (maximum 3 additional)
  • 5 wipers magazines
  • 4 booklet magazines
  • Possibility to have 1 or 2 rows of 16 tour boxes


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