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Dual LensMapper

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The A&R DUAL LENSMAPPER is the perfect tool to achieve a very high optical quality control of your free-form lenses:

  • immediate accurate error map calculation according to the reference marks
  • process control
  • check of the front curve of semifinished lenses.

The DUAL LENSMAPPER combines two optical technologies (Reflection and Transmission) for a fast, accurate and automatic measurement.

Main Features :


  • Comparison between the actual lens and the design leading to an accurate error map
  • Free-Form process control with Go/NoGo for an objective and easy decision
  • Free form lens inspection with Go/NoGo


  • Semi-finished lens front power inspection with Go/NoGo

Why is the DLM the most accurate mapping instrument on the market?
The DUAL LENSMAPPER is the only mapping instrument that takes into account the effect of the lens position and tilt in the calculation of the theoretical power. This leads to a meaningful error map which is not affected by those parameters.
The measurement principles are simple and mastered leading to an accurate mathematical model for the calculation of the error map.
A single camera is used for every operation ensuring a perfect matching between the reflection and transmission measurements.


  • Measurement without contact
  • No destructive control, no blackening, no lens preparation
  • Quick measurement
  • Automatic and accurate detection of the reference marks with the A&R PPOS technology
  • Connectable to server data’s of major equipment lens manufacturers
  • Easy calibration
  • User-friendly
  • No moving part during measurement
  • Not dust sensitive

Technical information

Range :

  • Outputs: values, maps and profiles in term of SPH, DPT, CYL, CYL AXIS
  • Through power range: -10D to 10D
  • Convex surface power range: +1D to +10D (index 1.525)
  • Concave surface power range: -3D to -12D (index 1.525)
  • Measurement area = 35x40 mm for the through power, 30x35 mm for the front power (a wider area is possible by the stitching of multiple measurements)
  • Lens positioning according to reference marks: <0.15 mm for classical configurations
  • Organic materials
  • Calibration of the instrument via 4 calibration lenses (provided)
  • Measurement time: less than 8 seconds
  • Instrument size: H991xL282xI600mm
  • Net weight : 48 Kg

Options :

  • Measurement of free-form edged lens (with surface data) including an adapted lens holder, an automatic holder detection and a set of calibration leenses
  • Centering device for the measurement of SV semi-finished lenses
  • Molds : concave measurement (-3 to -12D)


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