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Dual Spectrometer

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The dual stand alone Spectrometer has been designed for the light wavelength spectrum measurement by reflection from, and transmission through a lens positioned between the measurement heads.

The device is not ambient light sensitive. In so doing, that system is well suited for the identification of the anti-reflective coating as well as the identification or the control of the lens colour. The software includes some advanced comparisons algorithms for checking or finding the match between the measured colour and a set of reference colours.

Similar algorithms are used for the identification check of the anti-reflective coating. In the same way, there is the possibility to make a pairing check test (matching of colour between left and right lens), to calculate colour spaces  coordinates and distances acording to ISO  and CIE standards and to measure the thickness of the varnish (assuming its index is not equal to the substrate index).


  • Not ambient light sensitive
  • Independent to the lens optical power
  • Quick measurement
  • High accuracy & reproducibility
  • Easy calibration
  • Easy tolerance setting, independent for every check (colour, pairing, a.r,...)
  • Use of proprietary advanced comparison algorithms taking the complete curve for colour and a.r. coating control into account
  • Colouring Lab assistance display
  • User-friendly
  • Without contact

Technical information


  • Measured spectrum, colour coordinates & distances, solar transmittance, tolerance check, local transmission value (UV check), varnish thickness, etc.


  • All lenses type, polar, photochromic
  • Organic & mineral
  • -12 D to +12 D (extensible)

Spectral range: 380 to 780nm
Spectral resolution:     1nm
Spectral accuracy:     < 0.1nm
Measurement accuracy: < +/-0.2%
Reproducibility: < +/-0.1%
Measurement time:    < 2sec
Measurement area (Refl.):    <1mm²
Measurement area (Trans.):     some mm²

Power : 200 W -  230Vac +-15% - 50-60Hz*
* compatible for non -European power supply on request


  • PC with  pre-installed software for stand-alone unit
  • Spectrometer by Transmission or Reflection
  • Spectrometer by Transmission + Reflection


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