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The Focovision by Transmission SPF-2 is used in optical laboratories where the lenses are mounted into frames.  It is connected to the computer network, from which it receives the nominal values of the prescription lens.  Its main advantages are repeatability, accuracy, and easy calibration.  It measures the lens optical power by using a light beam perpendicular to the concave lens surface at a certain wavelength (546 nm or 587 nm) and by measuring in all directions (360 degrees).  In addition, it is equipped with a frame positioning device and has a user friendly interface; permitting an operator to learn how to perform the complete lens control of the mounted lenses with little training required.


  • Positioning assistance: The FOCOVISION display provides assistance to the operator to help them position the frame and lens to be measured properly, creating a user friendly and fast process. The positioning target, displayed at every step of the procedure, and operator instructions projected on the monitor are easy to see and understand.
  • Each lens position, within the frame (correct mounting) is checked in accordance with the micro-engravings of the progressive or the segment for bifocal lens which reduces subjective interpretation of the measurements and verifies proper lens mounting.
  • For single vision jobs, automatic recalculation of measured results (prism, decentration) is possible without tedious positioning by the operator (the operator doesn’t need to position at the optical center anymore). Horizontal and vertical imbalance is determined by the software within the FOCOVISION.
  • A diagram on the screen displays the difference between the measured values and the target values of the lens parameters for easy and precise understanding by the operator.
  • A barcode reader, to easily interface the FOCOVISION with the host computer, is included.

Technical information

Accurate and consistent:The FOCOVISION measures the optical lens power by transmitting a light beam, in all directions (360 degrees) through the lens in accordance with the ANSI, ISO, customized ... standards.
It accurately measures optical power to 0.02D and prism power to 0.02 cm/m, +1%.


  • The operating range of the instrument exceeds the normal requirements of the lab.
  • Optical power in the main axis: -20D to +20D
  • Prism power: 0 to 5 cm/m (S= -14D increasing with S)

Powerful Data analysis- The actual parameters of the measured lens can be transmitted back to the host computer via the FOCOVISION server. This information can be stored as part of the record for the job for reference at a later date.

The data can also be used in a production control analysis to assist the lab management in improving the production process.
The FOCOVISION server can also provide a data download of the records of measured work to a secondary software analysis system if the customer prefers that method of production process control.

Options :

  • A computer Server (required for first unit) is capable of supporting an indefinite number of FOCOVISION instruments
  • A printer to provide a ticket with the measured information
  • An integrated thickness measuring system
  • A visualisation system for the positioning of bifocals and progressives
  • A vacuum holding system


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