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The Focovision by Reflection SR-2 is used in the production of semifinished lenses, glass and metal molds,but also in prescription laboratories to control the incoming semi-finished
lenses. It measures the surface optical power by reflection on one point with a high degree of accuracy. The measured value can be expressed in curvature or in diopter. The
Focovision by Reflection has become a worldwide reference instrument throughout the ophthalmic industry.


  • High accuracy (0.01D for the base power, less than 0.01D for the residual astigmatism of the instrument)
  • Very high reproducibility
  • Precise and reproducible positioning of the lens according to reference points marked over the lens surface
  • Simple and rapid autocalibration procedure
  • No moving parts (behaviour stability, simple lighting system, ...)
  • Linear instrument response (no mechanical adjustments are necessary)
  • Reliability : Image quality control & automatic correction of dust effect
  • Measurement time :  in practice, instantaneous for the operator (including tolerance checks)
  • Long life and easily replaceable lamp

Technical information

Range :

  • Optical Power in the main axes : -12D to +12D (assuming 1.5 index - the range expressed in diopters is larger for higher index values)
  • Addition : any value if measurements are inside the above limits

Dimensions :

  • Instrument box : 190(H) x 400(W) x 400(D)
  • Weight : Instrument 10 kg. Display : 11 kg
  • Power Source : A.C. 50-60 Hz , 100-240 V, on request
  • Power Consumption : 150 W (with display)



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