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Carl Zeiss Aalen, Germany

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Carl Zeiss Aalen, Germany

Mr. Hitschfel, what is your experience with our Focovision devices ?
For many years, A&R Focovision (power measurement instruments) are well widespread in Carl Zeiss Vision Group, stand alone versions as well as Focovision integrated in automatic machines.  They are considered as very accurate, stable and reliable.  In short, the Focovision is the most accurate lens analyzer on the market and a  real reference in the ophthalmic industry.
Please briefly explain your new requirements ?
Our new requirements concerning magnifying systems, with extreme powers, used in surgery, dentistry, jewellery, quality inspection, correction of amblyopias and other applications.
Our incoming inspection, finishing lab and outgoing inspection need an urgent solution for an objective checking our complex magnifying systems.
In parenthesis,  some tests have been performed with one of the Focovision we have in Aalen: 80% of these magnifying systems could be measured.  
We decided to contact A&R staff in order to find a solution for the 20 % remaining. 
We are looking for an objective measurement system and avoiding any human error. 
Based on our experience, we know that Focovision instruments has always found and answer to these requirements.

How does A&R answered your request ?
During his visit in our company, we discussed this matter with Ghislain Locht, A&R Project Engineer.  After reflection, Dr. Laurent (A&R Research and Development Manager) decided to let a prototype instrument at Zeiss disposal for performing some test in our company. 
This instrument has been mechanically adapted, the distance between the camera and the optic system has been increased up to 70mm.

Do the test results correspond to your expectations ?
Mrs. Schiffke (CZV) spent several hours with Luc Stolsem (A&R) to test the prototype.  The complete range of our magnifying systems can be exactly measured by the Focovision, even a
– 47D lens. In collaboration with A&R, Carl Zeiss Vision will be developing positioning -systems for each product type in order to guarantee an optimal positioning. This is basis of an accurate measurement.

As a conclusion ?
To conclude, I would say that A&R is open to new developments.  It was worth submitting them our request and we were pleased to come here for testing.   We are happy to dispose of a solution to control our magnifying systems in a reliable, accurate and objective manner.
apted to their specific requirements.

Interview by Dr. Christian Laurent, Luc Stolsem, Ghislain Locht

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