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Filtenborg, Denmark

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Filtenborg, Denmark

Mr. Iversen and Mr. Bech, could you briefly describe Filtenborg’s activity & philosophy ?
Our activity is splitted in two : a lab for RX manufacturing in Braband and a Frame International Division with famous Designer Frames in Copenhagen.

Your lab is a model of automatization & technology.  You bought two A&R control & pad printing units, one packaging unit, one coating hotel, hundreds of meters of conveyors and seven job-tray lifts.  Why is the coating hotel one of the most important investment you ever made ?
The   normal production flow with conveyor belts is a “First In, First Out” flow (FIFO). The FIFO limits  the possibilities to change the priority.  In a modern RX lab, a lot of parallel processes are running together (stock lenses, different materials, different indexes...) . It is obvious that you can get some benefits from the automatization, as  more than 80% of all lenses are going to coating, as there are many different coating processes and finally  as the coating processes demand  a sorting by diameter.

In conclusion, the main benefits of the coating hotel are the following :

  • Most of the time, the coating machines  run full charges;
  • Optimization of the delivery time to the opticians.

Does the coating hotel really help you to reduce the error of coating type applied on the lens ?
Thanks to the coating hotel, the same logic, decided by the company, is followed, which reduces the human errors.   The know-how is now built into the system.  The coating hotel was the missing puzzle piece for the Filtenborg “Just in Time” philosophy.

What is the main advantage of the robot?
Knowing the stability of robots in many other industries, Filtenborg liked the idea of using a robot.  Indeed, after two years of experience, no mechanical problems occurs with the robot.

Why did you decide to invest in this high degree of automatization ?
Our aim was to double the production with the same staff.   And we did it !

What’s your conclusion, Mr. Iversen & Mr. Bech ?
After a short time, the interest of the investement has been proven !

Many thanks for welcoming me in your works and answering to my questions !

Interview by Helmut Ahn, Sales Director, A&R

We are partner for :
Control, Digital Inking, Pad printing, Blocking, Engraving, Packaging, Sorting, Logistics of your lenses.


Automation & Robotics

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