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Hoya Lens France

How would you describe the activity of Hoya on the old continent?

Hoya strengthened the activity in Europe opening a new Regional Lab in Hungary Mateszalka. After the flood Hoya made a big investment of 23 Million Euro and increased the technical capability of each production base with Free Form and a high grade of automation.

Helmut Ahn (Sales Director A&R), Sandra Fonticoli (Sales Europe - A&R), Erwann Tanniou (Lab Manager - HLFR), Wolfgang Eichin (LCT Euope General Manager), Laurent Souq (Production Manager)

We have been collaborating for a long time with the Hoya Group all over the world. Why is automation so important nowadays?

 Automated processes are important for new technical opportunities. Not only an automated equipment but a total integrated process with less influence of Human. Hoya focuses on the highest quality technical available and work on continuous innovations.

The traceability is also a new issue, which automation facilitates the implementation.

To your opinion, why has the middle inspection become so crucial?

During the last years the surface process changed completely using a high grade of automation and less processes. The validation of this process is very important. We focus on a total integrated system independent from human influence. In this case the technical inspection closest to the process helps to improve the total system.

The DUAL LENSMAPPER is the only meaningful measurement device for the control of free form lenses. How do you see the future of these free form lenses?

«Free Form» is often used to describe a process. Hoya focuses on the complexity of Free Form in combination with its Free Form Lens Family. This require a validation process which is very important for Hoya. All Free Form Lense are inspected with a full inspection including mapping. This is our strength and part of our philosophy to deliver the best quality to our customers, for a better adaptibility of the patient.

Thus, the DUAL LENSMAPPER is one of our validation tool.

Does the DLM helps to improve the satisfaction of your customers?

For us, the DLM is synonymous with quality and certification. Yes, it contributes to acquire and keep the customer confidence. It also helps to verify the concordance between the manufactured lens and the prescription.

What is your conclusion?

We continuously work on further improvements and we are happy to have A&R as a strong supplier.

We are partner for :
Control, Digital Inking, Pad printing, Blocking, Engraving, Packaging, Sorting, Logistics of your lenses.


Automation & Robotics

Rue des Ormes 111
Parc industriel de Lambermont
4800 Verviers Belgium
Tel : +32 (0)87 322 323
Fax : +32 (0)87 310 406

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