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Mont-Royal, France

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Mont-Royal, France

Mr. Richarth, could you please briefly describe Mont-Royal’s activity and philosophy ?
Mont-Royal is an independent middle-sized RX laboratory. Thanks to an efficient team of 49 people, our company is well positioned in a multi-national context, representing 2 % of the French market. Our current success is based on a simple principle : to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

You give an image of a dynamic company, at the top of the technology. Why have you decided to automate ?
Thanks to our team structure, decisions can be made very quickly. This permits us to obtain machines of the latest generation for each step of our manufacturing process (surfacing, coatings, controls, dispatch). The aims of this continuous modernization process are qualitative and quantitative. Indeed, thanks the automated packaging and dispatch, the opticians receive good looking and cleaner product. Furthermore, the automation is the ideal solution to increase productivity without swelling manpower. Of course, these evolutions are made easier by staff, solidly trained in optics and computers. As you might have noticed, our lab organization is based on the principle of the work travelling to the operators and not the contrary. This permits to optimize the logistics by reducing the time loss due to unreasonable operators’ moving. In order to prepare in an optimal way to our potential development, we built an extension in 2004. Another project, much larger, is scheduled for end 2005, beginning of 2006. Thanks to A&R machinery, the packaging & dispatch operations have been automated.

For 3 months, you have been testing our new range of control & fl exible pad printing machine (“R” serie). Why are you interested in this new technology ?
In our lab, the control & pad printing was still done manually. This machine, more compact than A&R traditional product range, offers a configuration and a capacity adapted to the small and middle-sized structures, with the same demands related to the measurement and pad printing accuracy.

The “R” serie has been working in a production environment for several weeks. According to you, what are its indisputable advantages ?
Thanks to the new polishing method (with a precision of 1hundredth of diopter), an accurate power measurement permits an immediate reaction on the surfacing process. Always in the same philosophy to decrease the number of errors, the eventual right/left inversion, for example, can be detected and corrected. The pad printing also offers a high accuracy. The configuration of this machine is evolutionary. For example, we are thinking about the integration of a spectrometer (by transmission to determine the colour and by reflection to identify the AR coating). In conclusion, your RobCtrl is for Mont-Royal the ideal way to face our development perspectives, respecting our strict quality criteria.

Thank you very much, Mr. Richarth.

Interview by Helmut Ahn, Sales Director and Sandra Fonticoli, Sales Europe from A&R.
Thanks to Guy and Philippe Richarth from Mont-Royal

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