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Optovision GmbH, Germany

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Optovision GmbH, Germany

Mr. Bauer, could you briefly describe optovision’s activities ?
We are primarily a service company for opticians.  We deliver lenses of different materials in many different colors and coatings; from single vision lenses to progressives.  We assure highest quality thanks to modern production techniques, as well as reliable and short delivery times thanks to our well strategized logistics. 
At our facility, we have a complete line of equipment to produce coated lenses.  We start with a cleaning process that differs from most labs who use ultrasonic baths, we have developed an innovative cleaning procedure using soft brushes to clean the lens surface.  For the scratch protection of sensitive plastic lenses, we apply a hard coat to the lens.  Our anti-reflective coating process is based on plasma supported by chemical and physical removal of unwanted particles.  Thanks to the daily performance of quality testing in our home laboratory, we assure the customer receives the optimal product for them.

Mr. Rendel, why did optovision decide to automate the control, packaging, and dispatch operations ?
The automation of the final control, packaging, and dispatch was the logical continuation of the general high degree of automation in the rest of our production process.

What are the main advantages of automation ?
The automation has had numerous advantages, in particular the quality improvement, standardization, cost optimization, linearity of the production flow, decrease of errors (we are close to “zero” defects with the dispatch unit).  A&R equipment offers a lot of customizing possibilities (labels, logo, and flexibility of the dispatch envelopes).  Another important advantage is that only two operators are required to run 3 machines.  We would like to point out that without automation, we would not have been able to face the consequences of the Health Reform Laws in Germany at the end of last year.  We worked three shifts at full capacity during several weeks without failure !

How did your customers accept the new concept of the dispatch envelope ?
When we first deployed the new dispatch envelope, our marketing department was anxious to hear feedback on customer acceptance.  The reaction of the opticians to our new envelope was very positive.  They particularly appreciated the cleanliness of the packaging and its professional appearance.  In short, the acceptance was excellent.

What is your conclusion, Mr. Bauer and Mr. Rendel ?
We both agree that the installation of the first machine from Automation and Robotics in 1992 was a good experience.  This experience was the basis for purchasing additional equipment later.  We particularly appreciate the fact that A&R offers a complete solution to our needs (“Alles aus einer Hand”) :  machinery, connection to our software, logistics, conveyors….   The A&R team is flexible, professional, and regularly puts its know-how to our service.

Interview by Helmut Ahn, Sales Director and Sandra Fonticoli, Sales Europe.
Thanks to Mr. Rendel and Mr. Bauer.

We are partner for :
Control, Digital Inking, Pad printing, Blocking, Engraving, Packaging, Sorting, Logistics of your lenses.


Automation & Robotics

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