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Reize Optik, Switzerland

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Reize Optik, Switzerland

Could you briefly describe your company ?
The company Reize Optik is a family business (3rd generation), founded in 1953 by Max Reize, followed by Elmar Reize and his son Alexis.  Set up in a 5.000 sqm building since 1994, Reize manufactures between 1.000 and 2.000 lenses per day (working day of 10 hours).  The organisation has 80 employees.  Reize cultivates a strictly customer-oriented philosophy, e.g. serving customers in three Swiss national languages (German, French and Italian) is daily practice. Reize’s leitmotiv is also to enhance the production location by introducing the latest technologies and by developing our partnerships with other leading companies in the ophthalmic market.  Reize’s objective is to be the customer’s first choice of lens supplier on the Swiss market by commercializing high-end products, and to remain competitive against emerging low cost products.

Why did you decide to automate your production ?
As I said, our philosophy is to commercialize high-end products, offering superior services in the shortest lead time possible and to an attractive price.  Our automation projects lead to an improvement of cost efficiency through reductions in cost of quality and labour. We also count on a positive impact on production lead time which leads to improved delivery lead times to our customers.

What about the integration of the RobCtrl in your environment ?
The RobCtrl was set up in a very short time. In less than two weeks the installation including IT –connection was realized and the RobCtrl was productive.

What are the main advantages of the RobCtrl ?
From a technical point of view the RobCtrl helps to reduce the impact of human errors in quality assurance.  It is now excluded that lenses with wrong powers are delivered to the customer.
Thanks to the statistics issued by the robot we can trace back all customer’s orders, and we dispose of a historic of each order.  The orders can also be traced back internally in order to get a direct feedback on the RX machines to improve the grinding and polishing processes.
An incontestable proof of a successful implementation of the RobCtrl was the decrease in the number of customer complaints.

As far as the production flow is concerned, it has been optimized and the direct consequence is an improvement of the average lead time.
From a financial point of view the return of this investment can be realised after a little more than two years.
them the RobCtrl, have helped us to improve our quality, to save costs and to gain average lead time. 
The implementation of the RobCtrl has lead to a reduction of labour cost. But fortunately the reduction in work force could be realised through ordinary retirements and internal relocations.  Nobody had to be made redundant.

Our automation projects, among Our customers want to buy Swiss-made high-quality products at an attractive price. The investments are a clear commitment to the Swiss production location.

Interview by Helmut AHN, Sales Director by A&R


We are partner for :
Control, Digital Inking, Pad printing, Blocking, Engraving, Packaging, Sorting, Logistics of your lenses.


Automation & Robotics

Rue des Ormes 111
Parc industriel de Lambermont
4800 Verviers Belgium
Tel : +32 (0)87 322 323
Fax : +32 (0)87 310 406

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