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VSP Optics Group, Sacramento - USA

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VSP Optics Group, Sacramento - USA

VSP offers world class products and services to eyecare professionals, employers and its 55 million members. The VSP Optics group delivers these broad range of high-quality, cost-effective ophthalmic products and services through their wholly owned and partner laboratories and through the management of the VSP contract labs.

Since 1972 the VSP Sacramento lab has set the standard for quality and innovation. In 2010 the decision was made to install the latest automated equipment for lens edging. This included a sophisticated automated job routing conveyor system feeding two RobControl and blocking machines and one MCBVPU single vision inspection and blocking system from Automation & Robotics.

John Fried, President of A&R Optical Machinery, Inc., paid a visit to the VSP lab in Sacramento to discuss the latest technology installed at the lab.

Karen Graser the Production Manager said, “With the A&R automated systems we eliminated a production pinch point and allowed us to be much more productive. We could then move our experienced and talented staff to other areas where they were needed.”

Joe Maris the Laboratory Director said, “We achieved up to a 25% improvement in efficiency with the A&R machines and our smart conveyor system”. He continued, “Our volume of work has expanded, processing over 2,400 jobs per day through the finish department, but we were able to maintain and even improve our delivery time to our customers.”

 “Subjectivity has been removed from the inspection process and we can rely on providing excellent quality to the eyecare practitioners, consistently”. Joe added.

“Our team has been preparing for this technology for many years” commented Warren Meyer the Vice President, Laboratory Operations. “Our staff was painfully aware of the short comings of the old manual systems and responded beautifully to the opportunity to automate the entire finishing department,” added Warren.

“The A&R machines have proven to be very reliable and deliver great accuracy,” remarked Karen. “We get great support from the A&R service team and enjoy working with them,” she added.

The VSP labs are committed to providing the best products and services. They have embraced automation in their lab and have established a goal for all of the VSP wholly owned labs to perform their final inspection on Focovision SPF instruments from Automation & Robotics by the end of 2011.


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