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AutoInker pour verres de prescription

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The AutoInker is the ideal inking solution for the prescription labs producing at least 500 jobs/day.
The PPOS integrated in the machine detects the µ-engravings of the progressive lenses (any shape, even cut lenses). The position of the lens is taken into account for the digital inking operation.
Because the A&R AutoInker is task specific, and the system has a small footprint, you can easily integrate it into the lab, either directly in the final control or after edging (inking of cut lenses).
The AutoInker is an excellent investment for a modern lab with a rapid payback!


  • Printing flexibility (unlimited number of designs)
  • High resolution printing (720 dpi)
  • Dual step printing - Optimized LED pinning and curing
  • UV Ink (safe components, anti ghosting, adherence, aspect, …)
  • Automatic L/R inversion check and correction
  • High capacity
  • Auto-calibration with reference lenses
  • Auto-train and search of µ-engravings (PPOS)
  • Shape measurement (no printing outside the shape for cut lenses)
  • Remote maintenance (internet)
  • Feedback for statistics*
  • Userfriendliy interface
  • Interactive dialog and diagnotics
  • Multi lingual diagnostics & Interface
  • Adaptable to the customer’s tray
  • Automatic detection of the µ-engravings
  • Automatic L/R inversion check and correction
  • Shape measurement for cut lenses
  • Unlimited images for printing

(* required for ISO9000 certification)

Technical information

Range :

  • Diameter (via shape measurement) : 44 to 80 mm
    • NB : grippers also designed to handle cut lenses
  • Max. power for positive axis : +10.00D
  • Min. power for negative axis : -10.00D
  • Cylinder : 0 to +4.00D

Accuracy :

  • Accuracy of Digital inking according to the reference marks : 0.25 mm

Capacity :

  • 200 jobs/hour

Dimensions :

  • L = 191cm
  • W = 140 cm
  • H = 192 cm (without Laminar flow box)

Power supply: 2kVA - 1x230 VAC + N + PE (50/60 Hz)*
Air supply: 6 bars - 100l/min

Options :

  • Laminar flow box
  • Table for rejected lenses
  • Inking alignment check


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