E-Paper / E-ticket

The E-paper is a very compact E-Ink display 

  • Compatible with all common job trays
  • No battery required to activate or hold the status of the display.
  • The E-ink technology only requires energy during the label refresh cycle.
  • The integrated electronic is generating its power supply from the carrier of the JobTracker unit during the read and write process.
  • Thanks to the high contrast, the information shown on the label appears as if it were printed on paper, even if the user looks at the display from a large angle.
  • The unique ID code included in the display makes it easy to follow the order through the manufacturing process.
  • Every time a display passes in front of a JobTracker, process data can be refreshed to inform about the latest status, the urgency, delivery limit, reject reasons of the order.
  • Relevant production data, displayed and updated during the manufacturing process
  • The device is available in 2 versions :
    • Black/White and Black/White/Red


  • Paperless job identification
  • Smooth migration to paperless; can be read from a standard barcode scanner
  • Elimination of paper in the manufacturing process
  • Dynamic data display
  • No battery required
  • Long lifetime
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Cost reductions
    • No more paper recycling
    • No more printers / cartridges
    • No more folding machine
  • Compatible with all common job trays
  • Easy layout design - using Wysiwyg* software       (*"What you see is what you get")