KPI Dashboard

A&R KPI dashboard is a SAAS (Software as a Service) tool, deployed and maintained by A&R, made available to the laboratory.

The KPI dashboard has the significant advantage of being able to work with laboratory data rather than data from a single system, thus enabling the distinction of trends related to products from trends related to equipment.

It centralizes and consolidates information regarding the operational performance of various connected A&R inspection systems into a single application, providing easy access.

In practice, this dashboard allows for the visualization of the main Key Process Indicators (KPIs) of connected A&R equipment over a selectable period.

The 4 main KPI’s are:

  1. Equipment performance rate, i.e., the percentage of lenses controlled without inspection process errors during inspection.
  2. Automatic positioning rate, i.e., the percentage of lenses automatically positioned by the equipment without any manual intervention.
  3. In-Tolerance rate, i.e., the percentage of lenses whose inspection control is within tolerance among the lenses passed without inspection process errors during the inspection.
  4. Number of lenses controlled per day.



  • Data centralisation and consolidation
  • Pertinent tool to generate and visualize performance indicators
  • Transparent configuration for data transmission