Customer Conversations - Onsight Optical

Mike Shane (Founder) and Lee Murray (Manager of Lab Operations)

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OnSight invested in the first A&R ProMopper 8/ock, on eosy-to-use table-top solution providing optical inspection according to industrystandards. Freeform surface eva/uation based on the A&R Error Map technology ensures no surface defect /eaves the /ab.

Founded by Mike Shane more than 25 years ago, OnSight Optical in Clearwater Florida manages approximately
60 optometric centers for ophthalmologists around the country. OnSight not only provides lenses, but stocks the frames as well for patients. "We look at every tray as a patient's face," says Shane. OnSight is also the nation's largest pediatric opticallab.

Lee Murray, Manager of Lab Operations at OnSight, says "We believe we better have the best equipment because we're workingwith surgeons. Our goal is to match their level of care with the bestlenses possible using the highest level of technology." That's why they invested in the ProMapper Block from A&R Optical.


"Before the ProMapper, you couId be doingpoorwork and not know it. The ProMapper provides a complete map or picture of each lens, especially important for progressive and digital lenses. And it gives the operator real-timeinsight into lens production. lt accurately diagnoses where in the production the process fails. ltcan tell you if a diamond is dull.We feel more confident and proud of the high quality work we're doing,and we can help our opticians diagnose with confidence. OnSight is
a Variluxlab and has always offered the highest technology from Essilor. A&R and Essilor share encrypted software data. This allows the ProMapper to diagnose lenses accurately. A&R has helped us become a better customer and a better partner. We
think their attention to detailis the best in the industry. ln fact nobody should open a lab without a ProMapper. "


Thursday, 26 November 2020 09:06