The AutoPacker is designed for use in mid to large volume prescription laboratories. After the job-identification, the lenses are unloaded from the job tray and centered. An envelope type is chosen from the magazine out of eighteen different envelope types, the lens is inserted in the envelope, and a label is printed and applied to the flap of the envelope which seals the envelope shut. Before loading the packaged lens into its original job tray a check is made to ensure the envelope is not empty.The machine is also capable of packing cut lenses.
The 600 lenses per hour capacity and the completely automatic cycle which avoids any mispackaging, coupled with our years of experience in the field of packaging RX glasses are proof of its value. This machine is best utilized after the Automatic Control and Inking Unit.


  • No mispack, no scratches
  • High capacity and flexibility (up to 18 different envelope types)
  • Rapid payback
  • An operator is necessary only for the re-filling of consumables
  • The machine can continue to operate even during envelope reloading
  • Correspondence between the lens and envelope ensured by envelope barcode verification
  • Automatic choice of the envelope based on job data
  • Results upload
  • Printing of empty envelopes
  • Reliable control of lens presence in envelope
  • Complete and user friendly maintenance tools
  • Operator screen for easy reconfiguration of magazines and envelopes
  • Automatic magazines positions calibration